Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Special Story: The Silver Wedding

Today is the second day at this Rainbow Town, I went for a walk bfore I left this town & stop by when I saw a woman looking at one of a glamourous store selling ellegant presents. She looked confused on her face wandering arround without entering the store. Then I get closer to her & asked her, "what's the matter? You looks so confuse?". Later on I knew the problem why she kept wandering arround, It's because that day was her sister's 25th wedding anniversary, but she didn't know what would she bought for her as a present, for the price in that store is too expensive.

Looking at her kindness longing to buy her sister a present, I feels I want to help her and I cast a magic with the 'love' of hers making one pretty cute greetings card in which inside it written a love poem. She got very happy & smile was engraved on her face. Now she can gave that card which full with her 'love' for the lovely couple. Happy 25th Anniversary!


-envelope with fancy paper sensation traditon 120gr, size A5
-cards with art cartoon paper 260gr witl laminating doff, plus pop-up infront, size A5

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