Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2nd Story: Hoodie & Woodie

*Kreakkk-kreakkk* Oops, I hear a sound came from my back when I'm on my way to one of the small city inside the Lil' Wildwood region. "What sound is that? It sounded creepy.", I talked to myself trembling with fears while turn arround slowly to make sure what is it exactly. Suddenly, something soft fly-over above my head, at that time I feels a chill air surrounded me, & my foot shaking that I wanna cry-out loud. So I closed both my eyes, until something blow an air on me, I got shocked & open my eyes, then I saw a horse with a toy form standing infront of me.

The horse named Woodie. Woodie filled with tears in it's face, asking me to help it's friend, Hoodie which flying & floating with soft surface. Hoodie is a lovely pinky baloon with a crown on it's head, who fly-over my head before. They asked me how to make them always together, & to be not separated, because hoodie is floating without direction. Hoodie & Woodie are very good friend that make me really want to help them. I cast on a spell to them, and *boom* they're tied to each other forever & cant be separated anymore.

The dream they hv wished for hv come true, now they can sing & dance together forever, in the dreams and in reality.


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