Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Special Story: The Silver Wedding

Today is the second day at this Rainbow Town, I went for a walk bfore I left this town & stop by when I saw a woman looking at one of a glamourous store selling ellegant presents. She looked confused on her face wandering arround without entering the store. Then I get closer to her & asked her, "what's the matter? You looks so confuse?". Later on I knew the problem why she kept wandering arround, It's because that day was her sister's 25th wedding anniversary, but she didn't know what would she bought for her as a present, for the price in that store is too expensive.

Looking at her kindness longing to buy her sister a present, I feels I want to help her and I cast a magic with the 'love' of hers making one pretty cute greetings card in which inside it written a love poem. She got very happy & smile was engraved on her face. Now she can gave that card which full with her 'love' for the lovely couple. Happy 25th Anniversary!


-envelope with fancy paper sensation traditon 120gr, size A5
-cards with art cartoon paper 260gr witl laminating doff, plus pop-up infront, size A5

Thursday, November 19, 2009

4th Story: Angelcube with Starfish

"Urghh..what happend to me? Where am I? It feels so comfortable, so warm,peace and floaty."
*blink2* "Whattttt??! I'm flying?!.....".

"You've wake-up? I'm Starfish, nice to meet you.", said the shinny thing who carried me on it's back. Starfish told me that Teru Dogz & Teru Kichi wanna thanked me for helping them turning the town back to normal, and they ask starfish who hv been best friends with them to take care of me. When Starfish flying on the sky, he would produce pheromones that can cured people arround him. Woww, really impressived isn't it, now I've recovered & full with energy. Thanks to Teru Dogz, Teru Kichi, and Starfish for their kindness. After that, both of us get back to the beautiful Rainbow Town, where Teru Dogz & Teru Kichi hv awaited for me. I'm very grateful for all had happen, I get new friends, and again this town is full with beautiful dreams.


3rd Story: Teru Series Part I "Teru Dogz & Teru Kichi"

My journey continue to the small town called Rainbow, which very famous and known as the sunniest town in the Lil' Wildwood region. I'm very happy for the town must be a beautiful one. As I am going to enter the town gate, I realized that the sky is very cloudy and the thunder is roaming. It's rain heavily here, how come? This town hv never raining before, it should be a beautiful sunny town with flowers and garden everywhere, but now it's full with floods & mudd.

I look arround, there's no single sign of living here. It just like a dead town, I can see no life, until I saw something was hanging at the hanger near a big tree. Because of feeling so curious, I went closer & it turns out to be 2 little beings. Then I greet them, "Hello! What're u two doing there hanging arround like that?". And they answered me with "nyu.." & "chu..". Sure it's a weird sound, but I admitted it's cute :D

After the story they told me, I understand what exactly was happening there. Both of them are fairies, the dog face called Teru Dogz & the monkey face called Teru Kichi. Actually they hv a task to prevend the town from raining by doing some ritual. But they failed, they didn't do the job properly, instead they'r playing arround, since then everyday was raining heavily there. And now they got the punishment from the other fairies for what they hv done, they were hang-on a hanger, feels the cold rain everyday & wet.

I feels pity for them, and I offered a help. Again they sounded "nyu.." & "chu.." *aww so cuteee^^*, they're very happy to hear it. Then I'm going to prepare my energy for a minute, even it's a small town, but it will drain all my energy away. After gathered all my energy, I cast a spell and *cring-cring-cring* slowly one-by-one everything back to normal. Now, the sky is so bright, flowers grow so beautifuly, all the people and animals come out from their house joyfully. Both Teru Dogz & Teru Kichi also full with joy, now they're free from the punishment. I feels very relieved looking everyone are so happy. But suddenly I feels dizzy, and...*black-out*

To be continue....


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2nd Story: Hoodie & Woodie

*Kreakkk-kreakkk* Oops, I hear a sound came from my back when I'm on my way to one of the small city inside the Lil' Wildwood region. "What sound is that? It sounded creepy.", I talked to myself trembling with fears while turn arround slowly to make sure what is it exactly. Suddenly, something soft fly-over above my head, at that time I feels a chill air surrounded me, & my foot shaking that I wanna cry-out loud. So I closed both my eyes, until something blow an air on me, I got shocked & open my eyes, then I saw a horse with a toy form standing infront of me.

The horse named Woodie. Woodie filled with tears in it's face, asking me to help it's friend, Hoodie which flying & floating with soft surface. Hoodie is a lovely pinky baloon with a crown on it's head, who fly-over my head before. They asked me how to make them always together, & to be not separated, because hoodie is floating without direction. Hoodie & Woodie are very good friend that make me really want to help them. I cast on a spell to them, and *boom* they're tied to each other forever & cant be separated anymore.

The dream they hv wished for hv come true, now they can sing & dance together forever, in the dreams and in reality.


1st Story: Skull The Rambutan

Hi! This is the first one I hv met, it's name is Skull The Rambutan, it is a doll which had been abandoned for a long time. I've found him at Lil' Wildwood, but with my magic power, I gv him a special dream & turn him into a cute lil' doll. Skull The Rambutan likes lollipop a lot, he hates smelly-pup *euwww*. Now with his new appearance, he came to play arround, jumping with happy face, & sleep well with a sweet dreams.