Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pinky Wabbit Greetings Card

A Greetings card handmade by myself, yes it's a valentine card I made for my boyfriend, when I don't hv enough of time to print on digital greetings card, so I draw it on a concord paper 120g with a marker and pencil colours.

From above: The front - inside - and the back

The concept is kids' sketch, then I draw Pinky Wabbit as the illustration, dunno why I luv drawing Pinky Wabbit this time, but don't worry Purple Pussy you'll get your turn next time~


Pinky Wabbit Doll

My handmade doll, introducing Pinky Wabbit, do u recognised that is is an unperfect Pinky Wabbit, which is it doesn't hv hands.

Yap, it's a rabbit in disguised, it's called Piwa.
Nice to meet you Piwa, since Piwa likes & adore Pinky Wabbit alots, yet it doesn't hv any hands, but it is a cute bunny actually, and now it still searching for it's eternal lover. Where could it been Piwa's lover, can you help Piwa find it somewhere out there?


Happy Lunar New Year 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010!
This year is the Tiger year. And also Happy Valentine's Day friends!

Wish u'r wishes come true, for those who is single quick meet their soulmate, and those already got their partner hope their loves eternal.

All the BEST & GBU always~

In this illustration I draw 2 couple of tigers that disguise into Pinky Wabbit & Purple Pussy, really sorry if the illustration didn't satisfied you, coz I drew this for just a few hours, so I guess it doesn't maximalized. But I guess I had caught the chinese style in this illustration, don't ya think so? :)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trexi Custom: Torikage-san

Finally I've finished customize the blank trexi, It's my first custom on urban toys.
Welcoming "Torikage-san"~

Torikage-san is a well known Japanese' gangster, who always wearing BLACK hoodie.
He is a short-tempered, selfish, and arrogant guy. But when he deals with romantic situations, he turned into a clumsy one.


CUBE Frens Papertoy Series: Pinky Wabbit & Purple Pussy

Here are the first papertoy I made: Pinky Wabbit & Purple Pussy from CUBE Frens Series. Finally I made one myself, very happy yet I stick it not tidy enough, and it is just a simple papertoy, guess I hv to learn more on papertoy.
This Pinky Wabbit & Purple Pussy are printed on A3 Art Carton 260g (each items on A4 size paper) plus laminated glossy.


We love playing together.

Introducing: Pinky Wabbit

Introducing: Purple Pussy