Thursday, December 31, 2009

Special Story4: Happy B'day & Happy New Year 2010!

Birthday greetings card, present from Angelcube for her beloved mom & her beloved bigbrother on 30th December. I made it with two colours, blue sky & pink. Inside the card is written "All the BEST & be HEALTHY always! GBU", which connected to the illustration "Sikuman Family"(my new character), the card concept is the good germs(white) are happy winning against the bad germs(black). Wish all the GOOD thru' the NEW YEAR!



Thursday, December 24, 2009

Special Story3: Meempee's Dream on Xmas

Hi, my name is Meempee from saltnpaper, nice to meet you. I've been dreaming to become as sweet as a candy, and now my dream has been fulfilled. I meet Angelcube and she cast a spell on me then *POW*, I transform into a sweet Meempee. Yet it's only a dream, but now I'm enjoying it. This sweet dream is the sweetest xmas present for me.


-Angelcube x Saltnpaper-

Ps: Thx to Jo from for inviting me to made a custom skin for his papertoy "Meempee" :D

Special Event: Xmas Present'09

Hello! Here's my first goodies printed for a limited stocks (24pcs) of xmas giveaway presents, & thanks GOD it's a loveable present that everyone like :)



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Special Event: Xmas'09 Part 2

Another presents from Angelcube, uhyuyy! This one is a mug pad designs for the boys.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Special Event: Xmas'09

Angelcube presents the wish of blessing Xmas with love & joy to all the people arround the world!
This illustration may be used on mug pad, wish it all can finish printed before Xmas :)
"Merry Xmas, wish u all hv a nice holliday thru' this xmas, GBU"


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Special Story2: Angelcube's Friendlist part I

Haii, we meet again at special story, this special story episode 2 with the title "Angelcube's Friendlist Part I", why? Because in this episode I'll introduce you all the character who appeared in the previous story.

There are:
1. Skull The Rambutan - Abandoned doll
2. Hoodie & Woodie - Friendship of a horse toy & a balloon
3. Teru Dogz & Teru Kichi - Lil' fairies
4. Starfish - Star with healing pheromones
5. Kuya Fuya Penyu - Lil' turtle with flower grow on top of it's shell

Here's a sketch that Angelcube made for all her friends, "Thx for the friendship we made". Hope we can meet again someday in the next story :D


5th Story: Kuya Fuya Penyu

Continue on my journey, next stop is Beach Garden, it located not far away from Rainbow Town. It said that the beach; the sea and the waves are sparkling like diamonds, and all animals live there're very pretty. I feels very happy & curious, wanna quickly arrived there.

*while jumping & singing I went to that beach*, afterwards I saw a lil' turtle wakling slowly on the way. I called it, "Hey! What's up?". But that lil' thing didn't answered me, it only take a glance at me & then continue walking. I felt that something is wrong, then I saw there's a flower at the top of it's shell. Wow, this the first time I saw unique things like this. "A plant grow on other people's? Awesome!". But after I take a look a little closer, I realized that the flower is dried.

"Oh no! The flower on you'r top is dried, it needs water!", I shouted to the lil' turtle. Finally it answered me with it's low voice, "Yes, I know." and continue on walking.
"Then why don't you watered it?", I asked. Again it take a glance on me and continue on walking, until it suddenly stop and turn arround, "I can't, don't you see, there's no water here, except the Beach Garden. And I can't watered it until I arrived there!".

I see, what the turtle said is true, no water arround this long way, what I can do now is cast a spell, but that lil' turtle seems strong, I guess it can made it into the Beach Garden. But this is not the right way, what am I waiting for, I can help it before it's too late, no matter what helping other people is a goodness. Then I cast on a spell to the flower & *boom* the flower grow so beautiful, it turn so pretty. The lil' turtle got shocked, but it seems very happy, it thanked me, at last I know it's name, it named Kuya Fuya Penyu, what a long name but it still is a pretty name which suited for pretty animal :)

After that I continue on my journey with my new friend Kuya Fuya Penyu to the Beach Garden. I feel happy for it, yippey!