Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5th Story: Kuya Fuya Penyu

Continue on my journey, next stop is Beach Garden, it located not far away from Rainbow Town. It said that the beach; the sea and the waves are sparkling like diamonds, and all animals live there're very pretty. I feels very happy & curious, wanna quickly arrived there.

*while jumping & singing I went to that beach*, afterwards I saw a lil' turtle wakling slowly on the way. I called it, "Hey! What's up?". But that lil' thing didn't answered me, it only take a glance at me & then continue walking. I felt that something is wrong, then I saw there's a flower at the top of it's shell. Wow, this the first time I saw unique things like this. "A plant grow on other people's? Awesome!". But after I take a look a little closer, I realized that the flower is dried.

"Oh no! The flower on you'r top is dried, it needs water!", I shouted to the lil' turtle. Finally it answered me with it's low voice, "Yes, I know." and continue on walking.
"Then why don't you watered it?", I asked. Again it take a glance on me and continue on walking, until it suddenly stop and turn arround, "I can't, don't you see, there's no water here, except the Beach Garden. And I can't watered it until I arrived there!".

I see, what the turtle said is true, no water arround this long way, what I can do now is cast a spell, but that lil' turtle seems strong, I guess it can made it into the Beach Garden. But this is not the right way, what am I waiting for, I can help it before it's too late, no matter what helping other people is a goodness. Then I cast on a spell to the flower & *boom* the flower grow so beautiful, it turn so pretty. The lil' turtle got shocked, but it seems very happy, it thanked me, at last I know it's name, it named Kuya Fuya Penyu, what a long name but it still is a pretty name which suited for pretty animal :)

After that I continue on my journey with my new friend Kuya Fuya Penyu to the Beach Garden. I feel happy for it, yippey!


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