Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've been thinking on creating a pet for dolly. At first I thought a cat may be cute, but my boyfriend suggest me "How 'bout a bat?", it'll be more curious. And so, I drew it a flat expression bat.

Name: Batti-Bat
DoB: 15 November 2010
Place: Dolly's World
Love: Fashion, style, and cosplaying (costum player)
Hobby: Still mysterious, there's a rumour that some people saw it loitering from house to house

Batti is a bat, a fashionable-metropolitan's bat. And it's a big mystery how Batti could have a lot of money to buy all of his custom. Not only the original version's Batti, but it also has many other version like:
-The Beach Style Batti
-The Ninja Style Batti
-The Cinema 3D Style Batti
-And many more..

Well, Batti has a big head and a small body, with a pair of rounded wings. It often flies with the head on the bottom and can't fly to far. But it can stand straight with his head up like an owl-wannabe, eventho' his body is smaller than his head.
Overall Batti is a kind and lovely bat, which act like a comedian.