Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Drawing Book

On holiday I'd love to spend my times doin' some doodles, on breakfast time, at church, bfore bath,  bfore sleeps, and here's some of them :p


Indonesian Youth Conference 2012

Here's one of my Box of Life series' illustration was exhibited on Indonesia Youth Conference Festival 2012 which taking placed at Thamrin Nine Ballroom on Saturday July 7 2012.


Box of Life Series

Her name is Feliceas, an on time hardworker who's gone crazy with vintage stuffs, ribbons and hairpieces are her favourite. She's a woman with a great sense of responsibility towards everything.

Her name is Arisu, a girl who love fairytale so much that she drowning inside the fairytale herself as she lived in it, ignoring the outside world.