Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Special Story2: Angelcube's Friendlist part I

Haii, we meet again at special story, this special story episode 2 with the title "Angelcube's Friendlist Part I", why? Because in this episode I'll introduce you all the character who appeared in the previous story.

There are:
1. Skull The Rambutan - Abandoned doll
2. Hoodie & Woodie - Friendship of a horse toy & a balloon
3. Teru Dogz & Teru Kichi - Lil' fairies
4. Starfish - Star with healing pheromones
5. Kuya Fuya Penyu - Lil' turtle with flower grow on top of it's shell

Here's a sketch that Angelcube made for all her friends, "Thx for the friendship we made". Hope we can meet again someday in the next story :D


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