Thursday, November 19, 2009

4th Story: Angelcube with Starfish

"Urghh..what happend to me? Where am I? It feels so comfortable, so warm,peace and floaty."
*blink2* "Whattttt??! I'm flying?!.....".

"You've wake-up? I'm Starfish, nice to meet you.", said the shinny thing who carried me on it's back. Starfish told me that Teru Dogz & Teru Kichi wanna thanked me for helping them turning the town back to normal, and they ask starfish who hv been best friends with them to take care of me. When Starfish flying on the sky, he would produce pheromones that can cured people arround him. Woww, really impressived isn't it, now I've recovered & full with energy. Thanks to Teru Dogz, Teru Kichi, and Starfish for their kindness. After that, both of us get back to the beautiful Rainbow Town, where Teru Dogz & Teru Kichi hv awaited for me. I'm very grateful for all had happen, I get new friends, and again this town is full with beautiful dreams.



  1. nu,cute amat sih.. XD eh bu,lu ngedesign buat apa aja??

  2. Thanks Renji~
    Umm, apa aja bs hehee :)