Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here’s a stickers design I made for MushroomMagz .

Mushroom Magz's first promotion items, they have agreed to make a stickers instead of other promotion items such as brochure or flyer. They choose stickers because stickers are more attractive. Those items can be used like sticking it on books, shelves, and etc.

There are 4 variables stickers designs: a cheerful one, a sweet one, a playful one, and the last one is a cool one. I’ve been thinking there are many different kind of personality in human, which also includes our readers, and this is the reason I made variable kind of stickers designs to invite people reading the magazine.

Mushroom Magazine is an art & pop-culture magazine base on e-magz, it contain many different kind of arts, from a sweets one to the coolest one, and not only art, it even shared about toys and stuff. Very interesting isn’t it, so what’re you waiting for? Come and visit their website: MushroomMagz

You just need to register for FREE, and you can read it online or download it (save as flash file) to get offline.


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